Our Property Management Services

Property Management Services

Concordia Residential are experts in property management for leasehold, freehold and mixed developments, as well as the collection of ground rent.  Whether you have a small development of a couple of flats, or a large mixed used development, or perhaps just communal gardens to manage, Concordia Residential can help you.

Firstly, we consider it of the utmost importance to complete a full lease or TP1 review before we agree to manage any potential new clients. This exercise ensures we can effectively manage your development and allows us to highlight any potential issues that may occur during our involvement. Sometimes leases can be restrictive in the most obscure ways! Concordia Residential feel this is the right thing to do so that you, our client, and us as a managing agent, all have a collective understanding of what is possible during our management.

We do this free of charge.

From there, our management includes all aspects of your development.

Buildings & Grounds

We organise and oversee all the maintenance and services provided to your development, including utilities, grounds maintenance, cleaning and more. We ensure full adherence to legal requirements in terms of health & safety, fire risk, mechanical & electrical plant, or otherwise as is appropriate for your development. The contractors used on your site will be accredited to ensure that they have the correct insurance and are qualified to perform the task in hand. We attend your development to inspect every other month and we provide a full written report and recommendations after each visit.


Concordia Residential’s property management service encompasses all financial aspects of your development. All client monies are kept in separate, individual client bank accounts. Each account is held in trust to ensure correct fund management, transparency and easy access to bank. In addition, where the lease or TP1 agreement allows, a separate reserve fund bank account will be in place. This ensures that any upcoming major or unforeseen works are funded with minimum immediate financial impact on the property owners.

Our effective Credit Control procedure ensures that Service Charges and Ground Rent are demanded correctly and in accordance with the lease or TP1. Unpaid arrears cases are conducted in a sensitive and moral way.  This is to ensure that the debtor is given adequate time to comply with their contractual obligations, without the unnecessary involvement of any third parties.

We can source and arrange your insurance needs under our DPB license.  Our license means we are regulated by RICS (on behalf of the Financial Conduct Authority) to carry out general insurance distribution activity.

Communications and Meetings

We provide a monthly, personally written update to all our clients.  This gives a full analysis of finances along with proposals and suggestions for any maintenance and repairs.

Concordia Residential are happy to meet both Directors and other property owners as and when needed. We feel meetings depend on the requirements of the particular development. We like to keep all channels of communication open when it comes to your development, in the way that you and your neighbours prefer.  This may be via letter, email, telephone, meeting or simply a regular chat and catch up over a coffee!

Additional Services

We can provide additional services such as company secretary and will answer solicitors queries relating to property sales.

Concordia Residential understand that the involvement of third parties, such as surveyors, accountants or debt collectors, can be necessary for a development. We procure these services on your behalf and with your approval. In this way, we can ensure that any arrears are pursued correctly and morally, along with any health safety and fire risks being correctly identified and addressed.  Furthermore, it ensures the most appropriate insurance cover is obtained, and the annual accounts are completed by competent service charge accountants.

Property Management Costs

Your development is unique.  Every development is unique.  Some have swimming pools, some have multiple lifts, some have freehold purchases planned, the list of management requirements can be endless.  There are many things which make a development different from the next.  Therefore, the cost to manage each development is unique.  Please get in touch with us to talk about how much our services might be for your development.